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What is the purpose of this project?

The National COVID-19 Church Attendance Project represents an effort to systematically collect multi-denominational church attendance behavior within the United States during the period surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Our vision is to collect and make available the data required to comprehensively document what has occurred and to provide the ability to research these patterns for the purpose of building the church and benefiting society worldwide.

Who are we?

This project represents the collaboration of professional researchers, research groups, and churches united by a desire to accurately understand what has transpired with respect to church attendance through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Current collaborators include PhD researchers specializing in Economics, Missiology, Public Health, Ecology, Urban Affairs & Public Policy, Psychology, Management, Computer Science, Statistics, Political Science, Sociology, as well as the Humanitarian Disaster Institute, the Center for Urban Engagement and the Billy Graham Center. If you, your research group, denomination, or church would like to collaborate in this project, please contact

Who will have access to the data?

After removing any confidential information, we plan to make the data available to all collaborators including churches participating in the survey for public use.

What is included in the data?

Primary data includes weekly attendance both in person and online. Secondary information includes demographic composition, geographic information, staffing, budget, and actions taken in response to COVID-19.