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Geographic and Denomination Specific Reports

by | May 10, 2021 | Stretch Goals, Updates | 2 comments

We’ve been discussing with pastors what they might view as most beneficial for them regarding our efforts. One response that has emerged is a desire to understand patterns for churches similar to their own. As a result we’ve decided to begin working on geographic and denomination specific analysis.

In the coming month, in addition to continuing to provide aggregate results, we’ll be working to provide geographic (state and county) as well as denomination specific reports. However, in order to do so, we need to collect sufficient data by sub-group. We’re currently planning to roll out analysis for each state and denomination with at least 20 responses and for each county with at least 10. If you would like to see analysis for your area or denomination, would you help us by encouraging other churches to participate?

You can use the map below to view participation so far.



  1. John

    Enoch, Thank you for doing this; I look forward to seeing the results. Are your denominational results going to be by denomination or by denomination group as currently shown in the dropdown filter? If the latter you may want redo the groupings. I assume a denomination like the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is lumped into the Presbyterian/Reformed group with churches like the mainline PCUSA and UCC even though they have nothing in common other than a distant history and making statistics derived from the group less valuable.

    • Enoch Hill

      Thanks for the comment John. Given the large response from the PCA (200+) we are planning on doing a report for the PCA specifically. If you have any particular analysis you are interested in seeing, feel free to suggest it, we are still in the development stage of the denomination specific reports. -Enoch


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