Welcome to the National COVID-19 Church Attendance Project!

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Are people going to come back to church after COVID?” This question served as the genesis for this project. It’s a concern that seems to be shared by most pastors we’ve talked to. My name is Enoch Hill and I work as an economics professor at Wheaton College. My brother is a church pastor. We share a love for the Church.

While, there are plenty of stories, there seems to be an absence of collective understanding on exactly what has been happening in the church. So how can we help? My field of study largely involves using data to better understand human behavior. Other economists have done something similar in the education sector. Their work has provided credible support that transmission rates among children attending school in person are not substantially different from those attending remotely. This information can lead to informed action!

Our hope is to do something similar for the church. The need and potential benefit is clear. It’s been astounding how consistently every individual and group we’ve spoken with from Outreach Magazine, Exponential, to the National Association for Evangelicals immediately sees and agrees with the importance of the project. That said, its ultimate success or failure rests on individual church participation.

Without a representative and significant collection of data, our analysis will still only be partial. Will you help? If you haven’t already, please consider taking the initial survey now.



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